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Cyber criminals change tactics

Gangs now specialise in attacks on executives, writes Lia Timson.

Electronic tenders to save time and environment

THE digital world has extended to local government purchasing, saving NSW councils more than $20 million since 2006.

Net piracy fight takes body blow Court ruling takes pressure off internet providers

HOLLYWOOD studios and record labels are being forced to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new way of combating online piracy after the Federal Court ruled that internet service providers are not required to police copyright infringement on their networks.

Keep your workers in touch

PDAs are helping field staff stay up to date with their business, writes Julia Talevski.

Abc Goes Usb For Digital Age

THE ABC has leapt further into the digital media age, announcing a "continuous news centre" and more than 60 new websites pushing localised news to regional communities.